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The goal of this book is to help the reader build solid self-esteem based on good values and enforce positive feelings about the person they are.

The reader will learn:

- to understand the values incorporated in self-esteem,

- to modify values of self-concept to stop self-depreciation,

- how to bring personal values in line with actions to raise self-esteem,

- to sensibly see oneself in a larger perspective,

- to understand a positive self-image,

- to change self-defeating habits eroding self-esteem,

- to stop focusing on groundless problems decreasing self-esteem,

- to control negative thinking wearing down self-esteem,

- to develop confidence growing self-esteem,

- to develop a caring attitude towards oneself,

- mindfulness to stop being caught up in reactions,

- to remove the irrational sense of isolation and inadequacy,

- finding comfort in personal imperfection and flaws.

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This book provides a strategy to recognize personal strengths and banish self-defeating habits. Through guidance, the reader mindfully creates a positive self-image and solid self-esteem.

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Solid self-esteem is not tangible but is something that people need to smoothly move through life and do it with joy. Self-esteem is a core psychological asset utilizating potential. Nobody is born with low or high esteem. Almost anyone can build a solid self-esteem and confidence.


Whether someone has solid self-esteem depends on whether they live their values, whatever these values might be. When a self-esteem is built upon good values, people are able to grow good feelings towards themselves. Solid self-esteem works as psychological immunity, and it requires an understanding of values and effective actions.

The reader develops solid self-esteem in line with actions and positive feelings. They build confidence based on personal strengths.


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The Strongest You, a self-help series of books by Ivana Straska www.thestrongestyou.net

Published by Ivana International www.ivanaint.com

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A carefully constructed book taking the reader on a journey of building self-esteem based on personal values.

Straska explains how people can work with themselves as they are. It is simple and effective groundwork, emerging from individual uniqueness rather than aggressively trying to change self.

Through thinking and writing, Straska guides the reader towards self-acceptance and becoming more confident while mindfully creating a positive self-image.

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This is an exciting alternative to the usual approach of building self-esteem, eminently practical and readable.