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WELCOME on the journey towards positive experience!  Put the head phones on & let the brain change itself. Improve the feelings, reduce stress, relax and promote your health with guided imagery and mindfulness. Individual audio tracks cover: mindful breathing, auto-hypnotic guidance, mental imagery to heal, guidance to overcome resistance, feel good, let go of negativity, and more. While using the adaptability of the brain the audio tracks alleviate stress and help the body re-balance.
The album UNWIND THE STRESS has the following audio tracks:
1. Walk at the Beach
2. Breathe In – Breathe Out  
3. Unwind the Stress  
4. Let Your Body Help  
5. Stop the Resistance  
6. Speak It Through  
7. Connect with Your Body 
8. The Past Is Gone  
9. Grow from the Inside
Click on the video to listen to a preview.

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♦ They are developed to use the brain’s adaptability to allow change through proactive imagination.
♦ They train the mind to respond in a particular way.
♦ They promote balance and health.
♦ They regulate the negative default and automatic pilot of the mind.
♦ Regular practice changes the brain.
♦ They positively impact all senses, body functioning and feelings.
♦ They alleviate stress, allow relaxation and rejuvenation.
♦ They shift feelings and increase positive emotions.
♦ They transform creativity and performance.
The Strongest You