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"Confident Me"

provides a strategy to recognize personal assets and banish self-defeating habits. It guides through modifying negative thoughts and feelings about oneself. The reader builds confidence stemming from personal values. Restructuring of thinking, activation of beneficial behaviour, mindfulness and positive self-talk enhance the quick development of confidence and good feelings. To establish the desired adaptation of the brain, the book applies strategies successfully used in psychology. It teaches how to modify self-destructive thoughts, find oneself worthy, activate self-love and self-compassion, cherish personal qualities, and much more. QR codes lead to guided recordings and additional resources to strengthen solid self-esteem. 

"Guide to Thriving"

is an introduction of the customized training intended to help maintaining a high level of mental wellness at time when many people suffer through stress and the pressure of modern life. The training strengthens mental resistance and builds flexibility. The skills increasing resistance to stress and adaptability are exercised through modification of thinking, beliefs, feelings, communication, assertiveness, relationships and the development of confidence. The tailored sessions are suitable for employers and individuals.   

"The Strongest You" 

is a self-help book with guidance explaining and teaching techniques to reset the mind and in just 12 weeks, it can activate the desired adaptation of the brain. It taps into the mind to motivate, take beneficial actions and change feelings. The book explain concepts of the mind, how the mind generates feelings, affects relationships, decisions, choices, and behaviour. It incorporates tools successfully used in psychology to modify personal performance and experience. The reader can use dowloadable audio tracks and written exercises to enhance their progress. 

"Mindfulness, Breathe In - Breathe Out"

a small self-help book with audio tracks, teaches why and how to develop mindfulness in everyday life, apply mindfulness in a very practical way and do it with the economy of time. In a simple language, it guides the reader through understanding, first experience and setting a routine. It uses seven components of mindfulness to feel happier when living mindfully.

The Strongest You