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"The Strongest You" 

"Mindfulness, Breathe In - Breathe Out"

THE STRONGEST YOU,  is a self-help book with audio tracks explaining a very successful approach to create a happy outcome in life. In just 12 weeks it activates the desired adaptation of the brain, reveals the power of the mind and resets the mind's default. Follow this step-by-step guidance towards positive transformation. Chapters of the book explain concepts of the mind, relationships between the mind and feelings, how the mind develops its default, how the mind affects relationships, decisions, choices, behaviour and stress. It teaches to train the mind to develop desired change. 

MINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT, is a self-help book with audio tracks. It teaches how to develop mindfulness in everyday life and apply it in a very practical way and with the economy of time. In an illustrative way and in a simple language the author guides the reader through understanding, first experience and setting a routine to be happier when living mindfully.

The Strongest You