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 "GUIDE TO THRIVING" introduces a programme intended in maintaining a high level of mental wellness at time when people suffer through stress and the pressure of modern life.

 "CONFIDENT ME" is eminently practical and readable. It is an exciting alternative of building confidence, self-esteem & feeling well about onself.

"THE STRONGEST YOU" teaches self-coaching of the mind towards positive transformation & resetting the mind to experience overall joy.

 "MIINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT" explains mindfulness in a very practical way. It answers the why-what-how-questions to develop mindfulness quickly and easily.

Practice mindfulness with this collection of 9 guided audio tracks "UNWIND THE STRESS". Just close you eyes and let your brain change by itself. 


The resistant and flexible mind 

Mental health fluctuates and common mental disorders are more likely to occur as a consequence or response to circumstances in life. Mental health deteriorates under the pressure of work, stress, after loss, or when facing unexpected challenges. With simple practice and training, people can develop important skills helping in maintaining strong mental health. They can fluctuate less between highs and lows, and take responsibility for their own mental well-being. 

A high level of mental wellness

Building mental strength is similar to physical. Learning how to maintain a high level of mental wellness at time when many people suffer through stress and the pressure of modern life is critical. Psychologically strong and resilient individuals positively add to community and work. By promoting mental wellness, employers develop a healthier, happier and more efficient workforce committed to their workplace. The employer and employee mutually benefit through providing a thriving and inspiring place of work.

When the things seem difficult to cope with; when everything and everyone seem to be against you; when life just seems hard, read this book and remember this simple phrase:

“In the mind and self, be The Strongest You”

Ivana Straska Szakal

What’s Inside the self-help books

The Healthier Mind, the Stronger You

Keep Practising to be The Strongest You

GUIDE TO THRIVING ...The training assists organizations and individuals to enhance a high level of mental wellness through strengthening and flexibility. It targets the development of skills to minimise the financial and human consequences of compromised mental health.
CONFIDENT ME ... The reader becomes more confident while mindfully creating a positive self-image. This is a simple and effective groundwork, emerging from individual uniqueness rather than aggressively trying to change self. The reader advances through guided thinking and writing.
MINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT ... Just as regular exercise keeps the body fit, mindfulness helps the mind. The reader can quickly benefit from practicing seven steps of mindfulness developed in daily practice. The book incorporates downloadable audio tracks.
 THE STRONGEST YOU ... The book explains and incorporates techniques successfully used in psychology to override self-defeating ways. It enhances the adaptation of the brain to reset the automatic, negative default of the mind. The reader advances while following the book and developing new habits. With this book, change can done in just 12 weeks.



 Ivana Straska Szakal

"At the work or at play, still the mind is an integral part of "us" as a whole, an integral part of Being, and we must take care of its health, just as we must our physical body...

Neglect the mind and we suffer, we might become poorly. We may find it difficult to be happy, difficult to cope. We might struggle to survive or thrive at home as well as in the work place."

~ Ivana Straska (Szakal)


Now residing in Yorkshire, England, Ivana Straska (Szakal) continues to bring inspiration with her unique style to help others.


The Strongest You