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Through her books Ivana Straska (Szakal), M.A., a successful counsellor & coach, shares her unique approach that creates positive change, and which any person can adopt to benefit.

Her book "CONFIDENT ME" , eminently practical and readable, is an exciting alternative of building confidence and self-esteem based on personal values. The reader becomes more confident while mindfully creating a positive self-image and feeling positive about self.

With her book"THE STRONGEST YOU" the reader applies self-coaching of the mind towards positive transformation. With this guidance the reader learns to reset the mind, de-stress, build flexibility and resistance. The developed self-knowledge improves performance, achievement and overall happiness.

Through her book "MIINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT" the reader finds the answers to "WHY-WHAT-HOW" questions that guide towards the development of mindfulness in modern life to benefit. The reader does it with economy of time and in a very practical way. 

Her collection of 9 audio tracks "UNWIND THE STRESS" helps the listener to train the mind while using the adaptability of the brain. When just closing their eyes the listener can relax and let their brain change by itself. 



Unwind the Stress

LET THE MIND WORK... With the headphones on, close your eyes and listen....These audio tracks use the brain and mind’s ability to collaborate and positively respond. While listening to these audio tracks and mentally engaging in them train the mind to respond. These audio tracks shift feelings, increase positive emotions, transform creativity .

A collection of 9 audio tracks

USE FULL POTENTIAL, ALLEVIATE STRESS...They are developed to use the brain’s adaptability to allow change through proactive imagination and promotion of balance and health. They positively impact all senses and body. They regulate the negative default and automatic pilot of the mind.

When the things seem difficult to cope with; when everything and everyone seem to be against you; when life just seems hard, read this book and remember this simple phrase:

“In the mind and self, be The Strongest You”

Ivana Straska Szakal

What’s Inside the self-help books

The Healthier Mind, the Stronger You

Keep Practising to be The Strongest You

 CONFIDENT ME... this is an exciting alternative to the usual approach of building confidence and solid self-esteem. The reader becomes more confident while mindfully creating a positive self-image. This is a simple and effective groundwork, emerging from individual uniqueness rather than aggressively trying to change self. The reader advances through guided thinking and writing.
MINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT ... teaches how to keep fit in the mind with the application of mindfulness. Just as regular excercise keeps the body fit, mindfulness activates changes in the mind. The book explains how a modern individual can benefit from mindfulness, and how mindfulness can be developed in everyday life. It incorporates downloadable audio tracks.
 THE STRONGEST YOU ... activates the desired adaptation of the brain towards positive thinking, good feelings, and achievement of full potential. The reader can do it in just 12 weeks! The book explains strategies to achieve positive life changes, and grow stronger by changing the way of thinking. The reader develops new habits by adopting this unique guidance and by listening audio tracks. 



 Ivana Straska Szakal

"Inspired by my clients, and when my life lost momentum, when caught unprepared to face difficulties, the approach I share through my books became a life saver. It helped me to come to terms with challenges, carry on with life and continue to help others. The Strongest You is not a statement; it’s the constructively used inner force. Any person can do it. The Strongest You is the catalyst for positive change through the powerful mind."

~ Ivana Straska (Szakal)


Now residing in Yorkshire, England, Ivana Straska (Szakal) continues to bring inspiration with her unique style to help others.


The Strongest You