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 "CONFIDENT ME" is PRACTICAL, SUCCESSFUL & EXCITING. With a solid self-esteem YOU LOVE the person YOU ARE! Build CONFIDENCE now.

Follow EASY steps of "THE STRONGEST YOU & master POSITIVE thinking. Reset YOUR mind to ENJOY life!


RELAX with these audio tracks & "UNWIND THE STRESS". Just close YOUR EYES & let YOUR BRAIN CHANGE by ITSELF! 




Choose it, because CHANGE HAPPENS. With simple practice and training, YOU CAN develop important skills helping YOU be HAPPIER and HEALTHIER. Stop fluctuating between highs and lows, and become the MIND YOU CHOOSE. Go for improvement and positive feelings.

A high level of psychological well-being

Take new actions and bring results to the life YOU DESIRE. Learn to think DIFFERENTLY and RELEASE from the negative default of the mind. Everyone has the right to build the AUTHENTIC SELF. When following simple steps, YOU reset YOUR MIND and boost the feelings YOU CHOOSE.

When the things seem difficult to cope with; when everything and everyone seem to be against you; when life just seems hard, read this book and remember this simple phrase:

“In the mind and self, be The Strongest You”

Ivana Straska Szakal

The Healthier Mind, the Stronger You

CONFIDENT ME - assess self-esteem, follow the guidance & create a positive self-image. Read and write, express authentic you & love the person you are!

MINDFULNESS, BREATHE IN - BREATHE OUT - just as regular exercise keeps your body fit, mindfulness shapes your mind. Quickly benefit from listening and practising. Release stress.

THE STRONGEST YOU - apply the techniques successful in psychology. Read and enhance the adaptation of your brain. Reset the negative mind. Improve and change, and do it in just 12 weeks. 

About Ivana

Ivana Straska (formerly Szakal) brings inspiration with her unique style. She helps people understand how their own mind can cause a dysfunctional service, and how to reverse this. Ivana's approach uses the brain adaptability to improve thinking & feelings. She has extensive experience in the fields of education, cognitive and behavioural therapy, mental imagery and mindfulness, all of which enforce her professional credibility.

Ivana Straska Szakal

Ivana has always believed in progress through empowerment: when individuals use the strength within themselves and positive attitude, they can beneficially respond to the events of their life, and pursue their desire to be happier. Helping people experience the greatest possible self-fulfillment, Ivana has developed a series of self-help books and audio tracks. She has created customized workshops called "Guide to Thriving" to teach how to improve psychological aspects, which play a critical role in happiness and fulfilment.

Ivana grew up, obtained her degrees and first work experience in Bratislava, Slovakia. She established herself in Canada, and in the year 2008, she launched her private practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She became a member of The Association of Registered Psychotherapists & Mental Health Professionals (O.A.C.C.P.P.), collaborated with Dalton Associates Psychological & Counselling Services Ontario, GTA Psychological Services, Dr. Ana Bodnar & Associates, Toronto. She helped hundreds of clients in Greater Toronto Area, and throughout Halton & Waterloo regions.

Now residing in Yorkshire, England, Ivana has shifted her focus from treatment to prevention of mental health problems, education and publishing.

"At the work or at play, still the mind is an integral part of "us" as a whole, an integral part of Being, and we must take care of its health, just as we must our physical body...

Neglect the mind and we suffer, we might become poorly. We may find it difficult to be happy, difficult to cope. We might struggle to survive or thrive at home as well as in the work place."

~ Ivana Straska (Szakal)

The Strongest You